Emotional trauma healing can be very complex and rewarding at the same time. Science and alternative healers have confirmed that energetic imprints or memories of traumatic experiences are stored in the human body. Organs, glands, muscles, bones, joints, and other tissues are affected negatively by traumatic experiences. Often times injuries are also a result of past trauma energy left unacknowledged.

Emotional trauma is generally associated with a traumatic experience of some kind. In some cases, it is a current trauma only that requires attention but in many cases what is manifesting as disease or dysfunction is related to a past event as well. If the original traumatic experience is left unhealed, a pattern can form in the subconscious mind leading the individual into continual cycles of the same type of experience until the root is healed.

The human body has several pathways of energy access points that are able to reveal information regarding the origins of emotional trauma to the healer or individual. Through various testing protocols and intuitive awareness, the energy healing practitioner is able to assist in clearing the origins of dysfunction and disease manifesting in the patient.

There are of course many people who have learned to tap into their subconscious patterns and triggers in a state of meditative contemplation and listen to their intuition as a primary method of self-healing. However, having assistance with healing trauma energetically can be a wonderful experience or integration as well. Connection and validation from others can resolve things faster or easier in many cases allowing us to evolve into a "master self-validator."

There are many types of meditations, journeys, or clearing exercises accessible to assist deeper levels of trauma and relationship healing. The energy healing practitioner can assist in clearing the physical, emotional, and psychological aspects of trauma, using the most organic and comprehensive holistic tools available.

The Roots Of Emotional Trauma