Reiki Healing is an ancient Tibetan Buddhist teaching rediscovered in the 1800s and is now accepted in mainstream western culture as a sacred healing modality. A Reiki practitioner works with the subtle energies in and around the physical body with conscious awareness in order to assist the body's natural abilities to heal itself. Experiencing a Reiki healing session can not only assist the patient in healing on multiple levels, it can also assist the patient in learning how to heal their own energy and become a "Master Self Healer."

A typical Reiki Healing session can be anywhere from 30 minutes to 90 minutes, depending on the state of being of the individual patient. Generally, the Reiki healing practitioner will gather information about the patient's goals and desires prior to the session, in order to better serve the patient's healing process.

Aside from one one-on-one in-person sessions, Reiki can be performed over long distances to send healing through conscious intention-based energy work. The Reiki Master Healer has learned to Master symbols and energies in order to channel healing light energy through their being, simultaneously sending the healing light energy to the long-distance patient, family member, or friend in need.

This type of energetic transmission can take effect immediately for the patient, or in some cases, the energy will wait for the proper time to integrate, much like the concept of prayer. The Reiki healing practitioner will intuitively sense and apply the appropriate course of action from their training and personal experience for the highest well-being of the patient, family member, or friend in need.

The Ancient Art Of Reki Healing

The Cho-Ku-Rei (pronounced cho-koo-ray) is the power symbol and the activator. It is often called “the light switch” as it turns on and activates all the other symbols. "CHO" means to cut or remove illusions in order to see the whole. "KU" means to penetrate. "REI" means universal and omnipresent. The "Cho-Ku-Rei" cuts through and removes resistance restoring one to universal love and light. The esoteric meaning of the symbol is "dis-creation" related to illness and disease which are creations we have allowed to manifest, at least to some degree.

One technical application to practice with this symbol is to draw or visualize it over chakras or organs in need of clearing or healing and set the intention prior to receiving that which you desire. It's always encouraged to use your own intuition with symbols or any spiritual practice in order to serve your personal highest well-being as well as the highest well-being of others simultaneously.

The "Cho-Ku-Rei" Reiki symbol is displayed below.

The "Cho-Ku-Rei" Symbol