Sponge healing occurs when someone who is sensitive and caring develops a pattern of always saying yes to whatever people need from them in order to be helpful or feel loved. If you are an empathetic soul, you may have developed a reputation for yourself as being the emotional dumpster for anyone willing to make a deposit.

When we realize this later in life, we are most likely completely drained from allowing it for so long, and we may have secluded ourselves from society, rightfully so. Somewhere along our path, we didn't realize that we were empaths or sensitives needing to have healthy energetic, or emotional boundaries. Many of us were taught as sponge-healing children, that only elders can have boundaries but children are to do what they are told when they are told. While this may have been considered normal in the past, it is certainly apparent now that as we evolve, setting healthy energetic or emotional boundaries is an important integration for our well-being.

Since elders are older flesh pods and the religious doctrines worship them as wise in most cases, they tend to subconsciously believe that children or younger adults should worship them as well. This behavior is known as The Pecking Order, which is a term used to describe cult-type bullying behavior designed to lower your self-respect and awareness. A conscious elder or individual who desires loving, honest relationships has no desire to use this religiously dominating pecking order programming with anyone. Those who manifest this pecking order programming have not yet understood that they have been indoctrinated by a religious mind control system, that actually breeds covert narcissism in many cases.

A narcissistic elder will attempt to manipulate you into submission believing this is their right as the older flesh pod, unaware that age obviously does not always equal intelligence. These types of so-called "elders" inherently project that they are more intelligent than younger empathic souls illuminating the so-called "elder's" inner desire to control or dominate. A healthy relationship has no desire to control or dominate either party. A healthy relationship manifests a desire to allow, understand, love, and evolve.

It is my wish that we always understand that we cannot be controlled or dominated by anyone if we simply choose to not allow it. And to the empathic sensitive souls, we need not be the emotional dumpster for anyone any longer. May the whole world transmute Sponge Healing Programming into Healthy Boundaries! And so it is!

Sponge Healing & Narcissistic Elders


"I respect my healing empathic energy. I manifest beautiful loving relationships in my life. I am emotionally healthy and at peace."