The benefits of crystal healing date back thousands if not hundreds of thousands of years or more to ancient civilizations that used crystals for complex healing ceremonies and spiritual attunements. If you look closely, you will find nearly every culture has an ancient connection to crystals and some type of record left behind for us all.

Crystals absolutely have incredible healing powers. There have been plenty of cases or testimonies of people being cured of all sorts of ailments, by utilizing the healing powers of crystals and gemstones. They can be consciously programmed with intention, and become part of our personal network of natural healers. Crystals activate and transmute energy, and can absorb energy, so it is important to cleanse our crystals and gemstones on a regular basis, as well as charge them.

Crystal healing is a uniquely relaxing experience that can assist in clearing traumatic energy and interrupt (or in some cases reverse) the effects of bodily dysfunction and illness. The modern crystal healing practitioner uses specific crystals and gemstones on (and in some cases) around the body promoting a positive flow of healing energy from all dimensions of existence. These protocols or activations can facilitate transformation and regeneration at the cellular and soul level.

Everyone is unique with their own specific concerns and the energy healer or coach will embody a conscious holistic treatment approach for each individual. For beginners, it is recommended that you begin working with the basic body parts that are in a state of dysfunction or disease, as well as the root chakra and the heart chakra. Being grounded with a connection to your heart (love center) is always beneficial. Your intuition is always your best guide, so it is encouraged that you use your own intuition and discernment where possible.

A typical crystal healing session consists of a brief consultation where the energy healing practitioner will assess the patient's current energy, and consciously create a session designed specifically for the patient's ailments, concerns, or desires. After gathering details about the patient's state of being, the energy healing practitioner will prepare the proper healing elements such as crystals; gems; solfeggio sound frequencies; tuning forks, sound healing bowls, and scents for the ideal energetic attunement.

The Consciousness of Crystal Healing

Crystals and gemstones have been used in meditative healing practices for centuries. When using crystals and gems for healing, it is important to clean or clear them regularly. There are several different techniques that can be used for clearing or cleaning crystals and gems. Some of these techniques include: using water with sea salt in it to physically wipe (applicable) crystals clean; smudging with sage or other cleansing herbs, using crystal wands, or sending Reki healing light to them intuitively. Whatever method you choose, it is important to clean and charge your crystals regularly, especially if you are a practitioner. Each individual crystal or gem also carries its own unique energy and has the ability to be programmed for the highest well-being of the recipient.

Crystals and gems can be charged in several ways such as: by placing them in sunlight or moonlight, using crystal wands, or simply sending positive thoughts from your intuition to them. Charging crystals and gems ensures a more attuned energized meditation session, and will assist whatever healing or upgrades you desire to manifest.

There are countless websites, books, and communities that share information regarding how to meditate with crystals or gemstones. It is within our individual power to research and choose practical applications that we feel are appropriate for our highest well-being. It is also of course very beneficial to have an experienced energy healing practitioner help you along your journey.

Self Healing With Crystals