Self Sacrifice Pattern

From the moment we are born, we arrive in a state of helplessness. We need constant care as we begin our adventure on the ultimate school for the soul, earth. Whoever our caregivers may be, whether they are our mother or father, or a relative of some sort, those caregivers must ultimately sacrifice their time and energy to care for us. When we are fed or held, we feel love from our caregivers.

And so from the very beginning of our incarnations here, we associate love with self-sacrifice. We aren’t aware of it as infants or children, as our brains and bodies are still developing, but we are integrating a pattern of believing that self-sacrifice brings us love. This is not to say that self-sacrifice does not bring us love in return, but in reality, it does not always manifest that way. We have all encountered humans that no matter how much sacrifice or love we give, it does not feel returned or energetically balanced. Yet because we had a belief that self-sacrifice equals love, we continued to manifest relationships that play out that pattern of self-sacrifice from the associated belief. Once we are able to acknowledge the pattern, we can transmute it into a more self-respecting realization of true self-love and compassion.

Seeing the pattern of self-sacrifice in our own lives is a helpful emotional and spiritual evolution. Knowing that our love for self must always come first, we develop a consciously healthy quantum self-regression practice that assists us in clearing subconscious beliefs and associated patterns from our current realities and future manifestations. This evolved practice enables us to revisit the childhood integration of self-sacrifice in meditation, to find where that pattern truly began. Once we see the origin of the pattern, we can go back to that childhood version of ourselves in this quantum meditation, give ourselves a huge hug, and say: “You did well, and it is no longer your burden to self-sacrifice your emotions and energy to receive love. YOU are already loved, because YOU ARE LOVE."

In this conscious quantum meditative practice, we learn to be our own mother and father, and we see that we have the power to heal ourselves of all past, present, or future trauma in this way. "We have always been this powerful, and we always will be."