Energy Healing Integrations

Intuitive Healing & Ascension Counseling

Matthew J. Sadecky

Author & Certified Energy Healing Practitioner

What Is Energy Healing?

Since everything is energy, energy healing incorporates any holistic practice that enhances well-being and consciousness expansion. The human body has energetic pathways and energy centers that can become blocked, unbalanced, or damaged due to the experiences and traumas of everyday human life. I work with the subtle energies within the human body and the surrounding auric field to assist the "activation" of natural healing processes. Energy healing is beneficial for transmuting dysfunctions associated with physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychological traumas.

My passion is to assist you in activating your highest frequency of being, "The Authentic Infinite Self." What is the Authentic Infinite Self? It is your soul’s highest expression in human form, transmitting consciousness to and from the celestial realm or quantum field of creation into reality. Energy healing is a safe and effective way to assist the body's innate ability to heal itself.

60 Minute Mobile Sessions = $100

Session Details:

1) Discussion of the recipient's health concerns and goals.

2) Opening breath work and grounding.

3) Somatic resistance testing and emotional release.

4) Solfeggio sound frequency therapy.

5) Aura and chakra cleanse, balancing, and charging.

6) Targeted reiki/crystal activations or attunements.

7) Ascension counseling/authentic self-realization coaching.

8) Holistic at-home care suggestions for your highest wellbeing.

Advanced crystal-gridding attunement sessions are available for those wishing to experience higher levels of chakra expansion and celestial consciousness. Please email for pricing.

Session Benefits

1) Reduce or eliminate stress and anxiety.

2) Activate dormant or damaged nerve pathways.

3) Clear, balance, and charge the chakra system.

4) Activate dormant DNA and psychic awareness.

5) Increase lymphatic, blood, and cerebral flow.

6) Transcend negative subconscious programming.

7) Clear traumatic energy and motivate change.

8) Restore inner power, peace, and happiness.

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The awakening has begun, and mass disclosure is inevitable. For thousands of years, humanity has been manipulated into fear-based religious organizations that have created subconscious divisions and stagnant monopolies worldwide. We have all been lied to about the nature of our divinity and reality. We will no longer be enslaved by those who worship religiously dogmatic psychological programming.

Millions of people are experiencing supernatural upgrades of consciousness and evolutionary inner healing. In this book I share my personal true story of spiritual awakening, overcoming religious mental programming, understanding traumatic relationships, and integrating intuitive channels from encounters with celestial intelligence.

My wish is that those who read this book will integrate a deeper sense of self-worth, self-compassion, inner strength, and spiritual sovereignty. May the shadows hidden within you be fully accepted, nurtured, and transmuted into the light of love. May your soul awaken to your fullest potential, and create the dream realities you’ve always known were possible.

Have You Awakened Your

"Authentic Infinite Self?"

"Crystal Healing is an ancient healing art that has over time regained momentum and respect with alternative healing practitioners and patients. By placing the proper crystals along the body's energy pathways (meridians/chakras) we are able to activate dormant energy which facilitates positive change at all levels. Using crystals regularly in meditation can expand conscious awareness, and increase overall nervous system function. Experiencing a crystal healing session can not only assist the patient in healing on multiple levels, but it can also assist the patient in learning how to heal their own energy and become a Master Self Healer."

"Reiki Healing is an ancient Tibetan Buddhist teaching rediscovered in the 1800s that is finally more widely appreciated in mainstream western culture as a sacred healing modality. A Reiki practitioner works with the subtle energies in and around the physical body with conscious awareness in order to assist the soul's natural abilities to heal the body"

"Science has proven that emotional trauma can become trapped in the physical body, creating dysfunction and disease. By utilizing various holistic techniques, we are able to access the roots of trauma associated with dysfunction and disease. Discovering the origins of pain that are most often related to early childhood abandonment or abuse issues, is a master key to living our lives to the fullest."

"There are many sound healing modalities one can venture into that incorperate various instruments or techniques. The solfeggio frequencies have been known to assist cellular regeneration and transformative healing on all levels. Many sound healing tools such as sound bowls produce specific resonant frequencies related to the ancient solfeggio scale. These frequencies applied can reduce pain, and activate dormant or damaged DNA. They can aid in clearing emotional or psychological trauma, as well as assist us in connecting to higher conscious awareness. Learning to utilize certain frequencies related to specific health issues or goals is a positive integration to the holistic toolbox!"

"As we open our hearts to new forms of healing potentials, we realize that there are limitless ways to experience higher spiritual aspects of ourselves. Being open to expanding our consciousness to new levels of spiritual awareness, is another master key to living well and whole."

Using targeted resistance while stretching, we are able to activate dormant or damaged nerve pathways related to the traditional Chinese Meridian System. This is beneficial for overall flexibility, alignment, muscle strengthening, and the regeneration of tissue and nerves. Learning how to stretch properly with resistance can greatly enhance your flexibility on all levels, and increase your quality of life.