Universal Spirituality

When it comes to spirituality, we are truly limitless beings. There are many different cultures with different beliefs and we are all free to choose and experience that which our souls desire. There is however scientific evidence that limiting or disempowering beliefs can create resistance in the physical body leading to dysfunction and disease. Beliefs that are disempowering will generally lead to a pattern of self-sabotage or self-loathing mentalities. Perhaps the old saying "you are what you believe" is relevant regarding this.

Being aware of what we are choosing to believe can be a very practical way to help maintain wellness and peace of mind. Just as a traumatic emotion can become trapped in the body, a disempowering belief can become trapped in the subconscious mind and manifest all sorts of undesired experiences and illnesses. Transmuting disempowering beliefs into empowering declarations (THE I AM PRESENCE) can help us achieve a state of "knowing" that we are powerful and universally loved. This is another master key to manifesting the realities that our hearts truly desire.

For thousands if not millions of years, advanced spiritual masters have integrated teaching of how to access higher levels of consciousness and awareness. There are many similarities in the master's teachings, and when we connect them together consciously with awareness, we realize that we have multiple energy systems that assist the operation of the spirit within the body. 'The Kingdom of Heaven is Within."

One might conclude that the three most important systems to understand for optimum spiritual and physical well-being are the nervous system, (which would include all other systems connected to nerves) the meridian system, (which has specific trigger points that hold and release energy,) and the chakra system or "Light Body." These systems are all vital to study, maintain, and master.

Without knowledge and proper nurturing of all of these vital systems, the human being has no choice but to exist in a state of lower vibrational awareness, and distortions of "The Authentic Infinite Self." The energy healing coach/practitioner can guide the recipient to a deeper understanding of these systems in order to facilitate advancement toward self-mastery. And so it is! ~Namaste~


“The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff.

We are a way for the universe to know itself.”
Carl Sagan

Have you ever noticed that when you wake up with negative thoughts, and you feed those, your day actually turns to shit pretty quickly? That's because of the concept of quantum theory or the universal mind.

Quantum theory in a sense states that the universe is a "field of potential" and that it operates like a mirror based on our beliefs, thoughts, energy and intentions set forth. The quantum field could be acknowledged as the "field of manifestation" as well. The simple fact of the matter is, what we are choosing to believe and what we are allowing ourselves to think (focus on) plays a direct role in creating the reality that we experience. This concept can be tricky to explain because there are billions or so humans here, and we are all co-creating and co-manifesting in the same linear lifetimes.

Perhaps the important part to take away from this is the "knowing" that the power to manifest is within all of us, and we can manifest more rapid-fire positively charged experiences simply by shifting our beliefs, thoughts, and focus. A famous teacher once said: "if you can believe, all things are possible to those who believe."

There is a trick to this as well because some of the original text from that statement was lost in translation or secrecy depending on who you ask. This is part of the work a man named "Gregg Braden" has been publically known for sharing. He states that to master the art of manifestation, you need to visualize what you want to happen and feel the emotion related to receiving it. Then carry on believing it has already been done. This activates the quantum field of potential to bring that which you desire into reality. The more we practice this type of meditation or visualization, the better we can become at being masters of our universe.

Do We Choose To Incarnate?

This can be a difficult concept to understand or accept, especially for those of us who have suffered all sorts of trauma, which at this point in reality is most of us. But was it trauma absolutely or could it have been a risk we were willing to accept and to experience?

Choosing this type of belief in which we accept that we chose to come into this 3D experience (to experience a soul fractal of divine consciousness) can actually relieve the human race of victim mentalities associated with stagnant, ancient beliefs or programs. This concept can shift our awareness into a higher consciously empowered perspective of our reality.

If we chose to come into the world, then we can choose the rest of our experience as well, without being a victim of past or current circumstances or external unpleasant experiences. Whatever we choose to believe spiritually, perhaps focusing on empowering thoughts and choices can help us reach our own personal divine state of "knowing."