Self Validation

From the moment we are born to our daily posts on social media outlets, we all seek validation from external sources at times in our lives. Seeking validation is not good or bad, it just is. However, if we learn to travel back in time through the emotional quantum portal of our hearts, we can discover the root of why we seek outside validation in the 1st place.

Why would we want to seek validation or approval for our emotions or experiences from someone else? It's simple... because we have been programmed to do so in our childhood experiences and in the current world to degrees. But what does that mean?

As children who cannot speak or understand much of reality, we have no choice but to trust our parents or elders to guide our spirits through the matrix of being alive and understanding well-being. If our parents or elders did not or still cannot understand their emotional trauma patterns, then it's not going to benefit us to try and make them take responsibility for our related emotional trauma. Ultimately we must assume responsibility for our experiences and traumatic emotions in order to break the cycles of unhealthy habits and dysfunction.

From infancy onward we are testing the boundaries of what is acceptable and what is not tolerated. Looking back in time, can we see what emotional responses or behaviors were not tolerated or accepted that caused us to suppress emotions that may still be coming to the surface to be healed? This is what is often referred to as "emotional alchemy" or "quantum therapy."

We all have had many of these situations or experiences that can take a significant amount of time to understand and transmute once the decision is made to take full responsibility to accept and heal the "Authentic Infinite Self." As much as we would like to be validated by others, we must choose to develop the awareness that all of our emotions are valid and always have been. As we evolve emotionally and spiritually, we validate ourselves and accept our whole selves. This of course does not justify being covertly abusive and deflective, never taking responsibility for our actions, it simply means we understand we are the alchemists of our inner emotional evolution. In this understanding, we find true self-acceptance that leads to soul freedom and the manifestation of healthier relationships and realities.