Forgiveness can certainly be offered to someone who genuinely feels remorse, however, forgiveness is quite often for ourselves. Even if we have been genuinely abused or hurt in some way by someone we wish to receive an apology from, we all know that doesn't always happen. Our healing then becomes our responsibility solely.

Self-healing manifests from training ourselves to transmute that painful experience or unpleasant emotion into a purposeful catalyst. Perhaps the only way to be free of deep life-long resentments is to create a way to feel gratitude for the experiences and unpleasant emotions. This requires us to "let go" of needing to be validated or apologized to for hurts and emotional traumas. There is always a yin to the yang or a positive to balance the negative within and without each experience.

This doesn't mean we heal ourselves from life-long trauma, by running back to the abuser or individual that we feel hurt by, to tell them we forgive them or ourselves. Some experiences are literally only in our energy fields for certain periods of time, to integrate our souls to understand vast depths of suffering or pain, leading to the discovery of the importance of self-love and self-respect. They are not all meant to be in our lives for the duration of our incarnation.

In some cultures or belief systems, energy and belief is given to theories that project that you are to love others above yourself and hang yourself on a cross for you to be worthy of pure self-love. We have been around long enough in this lifetime alone, to realize self-love must come 1st for us to be our highest vibration of self.

When we love our whole selves, we experience what love truly means. Unconditional love is for ourselves, and once we accept ourselves fully, we begin to transmute and heal all past wounds or traumas in order to hold or offer the vibration of unconditional self-love in the presence of others.

Self-Forgiveness Declaration:

"I forgive myself for wanting an apology and feeling that I needed someone outside of myself to validate my emotions and experiences."