The Sound Healing Revolution

It has been said that music is healing to the soul. Music has long served as a medium that brings people together from all walks of life. It also assists the body in communicating emotions freely through vocalization associated with the throat chakra. In ancient times, people utilized sounds and various forms of music to assist in sacred spiritual rituals and "healing services."

"Solfeggio Frequencies" were well known to assist in transformational healing, and provide enlightenment to seeking souls. This concept has been re-integrated into modern society to heightened degrees of understanding and its wisdom is an extremely valuable addition to the holistic toolbox.

Sound healing can manifest through various techniques administered ranging from physical instruments being played to simply listening to a certain frequency or song through a speaker system or headphones.

You may often find the holistic energy healer using musical tools to aid your session such as tuning forks, sound bowls, musical instruments, or headphones. Applying a particular frequency related to a specific ailment has literally been scientifically confirmed to assist the body's natural ability to heal itself.

The sound healing practitioner will gather results from the patient's body and energy field, and apply the appropriate frequencies for optimum healing and expansion to occur. And of course, as with any healing modality, you can always find your own musical resources to sound heal yourself in solitude alone, if you feel that is best for your experience.